Computer / Multimedia Club

The computer and multimedia club makes its infrastructure available to its members. The club has the following hardware available: 2 desktops and a laptop, a colour scanner, a slide scanner, a colour (CD/DVD) printer, a CD-writer, an HD video camera, etc.

In addition to a range of software programs, Internet is also available.

On request, a number of items, including a digital video camera, an external CD-writer or the video recorder, etc., can also be borrowed.

The club meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month in the meeting room adjacent to the NUCLEA Secretariat.

During the meeting, recent computer problems of the members can for example be discussed, or minor projects can be implemented.

The members can submit project proposals themselves.
Finally, courses or demos are also organised from time to time.

Nuclea Computer Club

Regulations: Nederlands - English

Erik Aegten (SCK - SCH)
Tel.: 014 33 32 13

Responsible Manager:
Sidney Michiels (SCK•CEN)
Tel.: 014 33 87 85